Monday, March 20, 2006

What if an elementary school teacher could have instant access to all the online resoures from the best science museums, tailored precisely to the state education standards -- and to interest level of her students? That question led Dr. Ted Kahn to create the San Francisco Bay Area School-Museum Collaboratory. All the great resources from the 9 Bay Area science museums have been linked to the specific standards so teachers can click and get an experiment, a drawing, a story to go with what they are teaching. Programming genius Jack Park created the back end structure (inspired by the ideas of Doug Engelbart/Ted Nelson- Ted asked me to create simple graphics for the pages. Teachers tell us the simple drawings helps the navigation and material feel more accessible. Here's a link to the 5th grade site. ScienceCollaboratory

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

IS THERE A "SHAPE" TO THOUGHT? That is one of the questions Bonnie DeVarco and I raise in our book CodeX: Unlocking the Power of Visual Language, and we find the answer yes in the interwoven stories of certain pieces of literature, music, art, symbols, and patterns that resonate with Nature, across generations and geographies. Why do certain experiences just feel "right" to so many people? Bill Daul sent me a link to a video clip that speaks volumes about the shape of thought in several natural languages--body, music, physics, dance-- Chris Bliss juggling to a song from Abbey Road.
THIS IS A MUST SEE (Click on link to "finale)