Sunday, October 30, 2005

Starting a blog was one of my goals for Learning 2005, Elliott Masie's event in Orlando Florida. Uusally I create images - today they are on butcher paper all around Learning Land as invitations to everyone to join in the "visual journalism". But this blog (at least so far) is just words. Here are some new ones:
CLASSROOM IN A BAG. Murray Christensen and I were talking about a new lightweight portable easel for the 4 b 8 foot murals, called "Classroom in a Bag". Murray thought this was a great concept in general. Instead of you going to the classroom; the classroom goes to you. What would you put in your classroom in a bag?


Nancy White said...

Welcome to blogging, Eileen! I look forward to reading your thoughts and I'm also hoping that you help us think about blogging with a visual sensibility!

papadavo said...

I agree with Nancy's "visual sensibility" comment AND it is gratfying to see your visual journalism come to life on the blog.

Dave Davison

Jim said...

Welcome to blogging Eileen, you threatened me with a blog a few months back after a Future Commons meeting - and here you make good on your threat! I look forward to reading you!
- Jim Benson