Monday, January 09, 2006

Here is an animation of one of my murals. The idea: have a mural unfold images that inspire and relax the brain concurrent with podcasts: Eileen's animated mural


Jim Schuyler said...

That's a nice animation. How did you do it? Does the order of animation help people understand the fundamental principles? Is there reason behind the way things are done?

Eileen Clegg said...

Hi Jim: Bill Daul created this by stripping the mural into "pieces" that he reassembled as an animation. I see this as accompanying a podcast, and the mural objects would correlate to what is being spoken. As a learning enhancement, here would be a series of murals unfolding more slowly along with the podcast. Yes the shapes I use do have some logic behind them, to evoke a feeling and relax or "prepare" the mind for new information. Thanks for the great questions!

Dorai said...

Really nice. Is there a way to slow it down?
Eileen can you blog about the shapes - like teaching us a visual language?

Bill said...

We created this animation just as a sample of how we could produce additional formats of Eileen's work.

I could have slowed it down but this is just a sample. I could have made it smaller. The larger format would work GREAT on a CD...smaller formats for network viewing.

As Eileen mentioned. We could slow a muralmation way down and add a sound track.