Friday, February 24, 2006

GOOGLE DOODLES. The Time magazine piece about Google (2/4/06) shows a lot of writing on the walls, another piece of evidence for emergent visual storytelling as a tool for innovation. Interesting to note: These doodle on these links clearly are the work of the participants, not a professional artist. At Visual Insight we encourage everyone to write on the walls, letting go of worry about perfection. Bringing in a professional visual journalist is a good idea when (1) you want an objective outside listener to pick up the themes (2) you want to capture the final product for a visual book or report. (See link to the Th!nk Electric car event at Google where the above mural was created Th!nk at Google But in any meeting anyone can spark the brainstorming process with random images and words. They have a way of coming together in surprising ways new ideas. (Thanks to colleage Christine Walker for bringing this to our attention)

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